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5-Metre Project Notes.

5 metre lace #2

Started initial panel design 07/04/2003 (5mstart.jpg & 5mend.jpg)
Created first full panel (6") 07/07/2003 (5m01.jpg)
Created second panel 07/07/03/2003 (5m02.jpg)
Set up pillow to work design 07/12/2003

Repeating edge and start panel -
98 pr white thread
2 pr blue gimp & 2 pr workers - Gutermann polyester CA02776
1 pr light blue gimp - DMC coton perle #8
2 pr red gimp - DMC coton perle #8 - 498
07/15/2003 packed for trip to Idaho through 07/22/2003

Panel #1 -
1 pr Red gimp - Anchor coton perle # 8 - #46
1 pr Blue gimp - Anchor coton perle # 8 - #410
1 pr White gimp - Anchor coton perle # 8 - #1
4 pr Bright yellow Madeira linen for letters
3 pr yellow gimp - DMC coton perle #8 - 725

Packed for IOLI convention 31 July, 2003
Returned 09 August, 2003

14 - 15 August, 2003 - Worked with Withof possibilities for panel 2
18 August, 2003 - reached end of panel 1 fans
20 August, 2003 - moved blocks up one row

23 August, 2003 - started panel 2 tulip finished working pattern design.
DMC perle coton #8 916 - orange
Broc 32 orange
#1 leaf 4pr DMC + Weaver
12 pr Broc + weaver

25 August, 2003 #2 leaf 3pr DMC + weaver
12 pr Broc + weaver
#3 leaf 7 pr Broc + weaver

27 August, 2003 - flower stem 8 pr Broc 32 #415 + Weaver Added DMC orange highlight

28 August, 2003 - finished panel 2 flower. Set up to finish n and d of panel 1.

1 Sept. - finished panel 1 background
need to watch excess tension on outer gimps on future panels
While disliking that many sewings, it is best to lay in the letters first and then do filling and sewings.

03 Sept, 2003 - Needed more open filling to set off the tulip in Panel 2. Used twisted Kat stitch Pattern from Book of Bobbin Lace Stitches by Bridget Cook & Geraldine Stott. ISBN 0-8231-5057-7 page 38 and added whole stitches for support.

08 Sept, 2003 - Beginning to discover the need for a special type of pillow for this particular lace pattern. Because of the need to create this as continuos lace instead of individual panels that are sewed in, the ability to move up on a more regular basis is needed. Changing to 2-3/4" half blacks instead of 5-1/2" full blocks on the 9 block pillow.

11 Sept, 2003 - purchased variegated thread for panel 3 in hopes that it will give a wood grain effect to the wooden shoes. Purchased DMC Special dentelles 80 fil coton pour crochet #105 & 111

12 Sept, 2003 - Worked Milanese Archway braid on panel 3. Thread to large to use in this instance.

14 Sept., 2003 - Went back to base cotton thread and worked Archway again. Better fit but did not like effect.

17 Sept, 2003 - Tried using Brok 140 coton to attempt Trellis pattern (page 56 Milanese Lace, an Introduction). Broke far to many threads to make it feasible to work.

18 Sept., 2003 - Now attempting Chevron braid (page 42 New braids and Designs in Milanese) with GŁtermann CA 02778 white Quilting cotton.

21 Sept., 2003 - Finished first panel of Chevron. Widest piece of Milanese I have ever seen but seems to give nice depth to it. Now wish I had gone back to the brown DMC. Used total of 29 pair of bobbins. May decide to return to it to see how it works up.

22 Sept, 2003 - started griding out the filling for panel 3. Will use Diagonal Plaid 2 from Book of Bobbin Lace Stitches P.31 by Briget Cook and Geraldine Stott.

23 Sept, 2003- Worked the tops of the wooden shoes and started work on the filling.

27 Sept, 2003 - filling seems to be going really slow because of the fillings. Also both top and bottom edges have to be worked simultaneously complicating the process. But it is do-able.

01 Oct, 2003 - Well, I think I just blew three days work.. I wanted to see if the brown variegated DMC would still work and give the effect of a wood grain. Doesn't really work so will have to cut it out and start over with the GŁtermann CA 02778 white Quilting cotton. Of course that also means I have to wind 24 pairs to start and then do all of those bloody sewings again. So far I have 172 hours into this plus 19 hours of design.

03 Oct, 2003 - While I used only 29 pair on the first shoe, I think that it needs more then the original 24 in the second. I placed 20 pair along the top edge which filled nicely and then added 4 additional pair while working. But it really could use an additional 4 -8 pair added in starting around the 8th pin down.

Also discovered that it has become easier to make the sewings on the left side by making a small loop with the thread and slipping that under the crochet hook instead of hooking the thread and then keeping it taut as you draw through. The hook seems to slip through the other thread easier and has less tendency to catch.

10 Oct, 2003 - Still working on panel 03 and about 3/4 done. Packed the pillow up today to take to the Ithaca Lace Day tomorrow. Will be nice to see all the lacers again and enjoy the banquet and learn new lace.

13 Oct, 2003 - Got home at 16:30 today from Ithaca. The show went well and a lot of people were impressed with the lace. Or at least impressed that someone would be crazy enough to attempt something like this. We stayed over this year so that Deborah could take a needlelace class from Gretchen Allgeier and I could take the "Deciphering Leaves and Tallies" class from Josee Poupart. My class was really a very good learning experience but also frustrating for me as well. While I became quite adapt at breaking threads, I fell further behind with the learning project. And it is a lovely pattern with six wheat ears resting above a half stitch background. And the leaves were an entirely different colour from the rest. I am afraid that Josee feels that I did not learn from it but I disagree. While I could not execute the pattern then, I did understand the information she was trying to impart. And I did promise to have a finished piece for her to see when I attend the Ottawa Lace Day on 28 March, 2004. Stayed over on Monday because of a class that Deborah had but I did not take any. So spent the day working on the 5-metre lace until time to leave.

20 Oct, 2003 - Time to catch up. Week was pretty well lost because of working on the local Rotary International Halloween charity project. Building a haunted house at the local mall for the kids to go though on the weekends. Proceeds go to a local food kitchen. But certainly cut into my lacemaking time. Did manage to finally get to the end of panel 3 tonight. And got the first letter of panel 4 done. This should be an interesting panel while I figure out how to tie all of the small colored elements together. Guess we will know at the end.

10 Nov, 2003 - So, how hard can it be to do half stitch? For the average person it is probably rather simple. For me, it is a whole different story. The episode all started with panel 4, Wanting a reasonably wide background I started using pairs of bobbins as a single and whole stitched to every other grid dot until I reached the edge of the tile insert. Then I intended to do half stitch across the entire background and work in the other colors on top of that base. In my defense, this was an area 3" square involving 60 pair of bobbins plus working the footside and 2" border as I proceeded. And most everything worked well until I reached the bottom corner of the piece and realized somewhere I was one grid point off. I spent the next five days attempting to repair the error short of taking it all back out. End result was that I took all back out anyway. And probably not all bad as I really need to spend some more time on finding workable designs for the rest of the piece.

Did find a nice design for the Mackintosh Rose but that can not be made up yet until I get to the British set of patterns. Did a scan of QEII as well but don't need it yet. Plus there was the work on the Rotary International groups pasta dinner event yesterday and the need to take all of the Halloween items back out of the mall where we held that. Should also start thinking about a design for the Belgium contest which needs to finish in March and the Rotary project of doing a ten foot fiberglass lighthouse for display in the city.

17 Nov, 2003 - Working blue units - start with 2 pair plus weaver at point. Work in 2 more pair towards widest part. Remove 1 pair after wide part. Working orange letters - use 3 pair plus weaver. Use 2 twists around pin and make twist on either side of center pair while working. Twist outside pairs between pins.

So far I now have 292 hours of lace and 34 hours of design.

25 Nov, 2003 - Starting Panel 5 with the windmill. Laying in the red, white and blue gimps in the surround is becoming fairly automatic now. Working the background as straight CT pin CT.

29 Nov, 2003 - the Blades - start with 4 pr yellow on 1 pin. to the right plait 3, ws w/ white, p3,ws 2pr w, p3, ws w, p3, 1/2s white pr, add 1 pr yellow & ctc back, ctc 2 yellow, twist white & ws with next white. Return to start. 2t on 1st vertical pr, p3 double pair and 2t next vertical. Return to start. Repeat above on next row.

4 Dec, 2003 - Have a skein of Madeira 470 I think I will use for the roof line. It is a rather odd sort of black/silver thread that I won in a raffle somewhere. No idea how it works but we will see.

14 Dec, 2003 - Not real happy with the black thread but will deal with it. Not certain if it is the tread or me that is the cause but I am not getting the effect that I envisioned. But - "Once more unto the breach, Dear Friends, once more".

18 Dec., 2003 - Time to put this away and get it packed for the trip to Idaho. As we are driving I can at least pack most of the things I think that I will need. A pickup load of lace toys.

8 Jan, 2004 - Made it back!. And was able to drive from Kearney, NE to Rochester in one day. 1300 miles in 18 hours and only got stopped once for speeding. And talked the cop out of a ticket! Did not get much lace made on the pillow. Most of the time was spent working out ideas on other pillows for the IOLI convention contest. One thing I did finish though was the project that I started in class in Ithaca. Because I broke so many threads I promised Josee that I would have it finished and available for the lace show in Ottawa in March. So that is off the list but not the pillow. Will leave it on as a display piece for the time being. I did find some Mettler cotton with silk finish in Idaho that I will have to try on the Dutch couple kissing.

27 Jan, 2004 - Panel 6 - Started on the skull cap of the little girl (Mettler #105 cotton 50/3). Doing the piece for Josee has helped. Think that I will attempt square tallies in this.

31 Jan, 2004 - The raised tallies look good. Should have put more of them in but it is a small area and there are other areas in the pattern that the technique can be used in. Will start the blue portion of the cap tomorrow.

2 Feb, 2004 - That worked well. The blue (GŁtermann CA02776 Poly) is rather straight forward and so did the braid in yellow (Brok 32). Also completed Rotary lighthouse design but will farm out the actual paint work to a local artist. She can use the money and I can use the time.

6 Feb, 2004 - Packing up again. Lost Art lacers in Newton, NJ this time. Has become a tradition to do this show as it starts another season of show dates.

15 Feb, 2004 - Got back from the show and unpacked again. Takes forever straightening out the bobbins after transport. Maybe I should super-glue them down. Have now finished the arm of the girl. Again it is straight forward tape lace technique but with a few extra twists it has the effect of tallies.

17 Feb, 2004 - Girls face is Rainbow Gallery's Splendor TM #8923 12 ply silk using 7 pr.

21 Feb, 2004 - Worked up the skirt and apron in square tallies. Did discover that one does not need to attempt raised tallies in an area of the lace that lacks surrounding support.

28 Feb, 2004 - Started little boy yesterday. Hat uses 13 pr of GŁtermann 251 blue. Start at point of bill and add in across the top. I tend to work two colours at the same time as it is easier then sewing in all of the threads. Yellow hair (Broc 32) uses 10 pr.

03 March, 2004 - Finished the face and starting on boys shirt. Want to have him in a pinstripe.

05 March, 2004 - Finished shirt and started trousers. Stitch is basic Torchon with additional twists to attempt a "tallies" look without doing them all.

06 Jun, 2004 - Finally getting back to this. Decided I needed to work on the IOLI lace contest piece so centered all of my energy on that. Plus after borrowing all of Deb's bobbins, I had to steal from this one. Finishing up the ground for panel six (typical halfstich)

11 Jun, 2004 - Started panel 7 with the tulips. Decided to use some of the Sulky colours that I already had wound on bobbins from the contest piece. Should make up some nice bright colours in an otherwise dull piece so far.

13 Jun, 2004 - Am finding that I am starting to use some new techniques that worked in the contest piece as well. Definitely more Milanese in this. Also working with how the treads are moving across the pattern. A couple of them look like errors but by adding a twist in the half stitch panels, more depth is created. All HS areas use 8 prs, WS is 8prs on average.

Green stalks are variations. Using Sulky 942 1046, GŁtermann poly 067 and Brok 32 #426 for greens. Stalk under Lavender uses 4pr of each, worker is Sulky.

18 June, 2004 - Started Panel 8 - the Rotterdam Bridge. Should be fairly straight forward.

24 June, 2004 - Finished the center portion of the panel. The project is now going into hibernation for awhile. To many other things to do and plan to start the IOLI Torchon Masters Journal. I presume at this time it will take at least two year. But then this project is considered a 10 year effort.

I now have 784 hours of lace and 101 hours of design.

12 April, 2010 - Well, I guess the hibernation took a bit longer then I planned. Started to sort out threads and replace the bobbins I "borrowed" over the years.

16 April, 2010 - I really need to get a life. Out of the 200 pairs of bobbins on this I borrowed at least 180. Not wanting to cut off the unused thread when removing them I just unraveled it. Down side is that some of these threads are 10 - 12 feet long. But I am over half way returning bobbins. (Already stealing them off of other pillows)

19 April, 2010 - Finally!!~! While replacing bobbins I decided I did not like the upper background for the bridge. Think I will remove it and replace with Honeycomb ground. So back to the design board.

23 April, 2010 - Finished the panel to the edge so that I could support the lace while removing the bridge background.

27 April, 2010 - Finished the honeycomb. Not happy with it but it will stay. Probably would work better with larger grid. Right now it looks to heavy.

29 April, 2010 - Started Panel 9, the Netherlands Map. Finally decided to use the colours of the Netherlands flag . Going to take at least another 80 - 90 prs of bobbins. Oh well, those other pillows don't need that many bobbins on them. I can "borrow" them.

08 May, 2010 - Panel is about 3/4 done. Actually finished the bottom Blue portion. Can hardly see it yet because of the mass of threads. Spent some time designing Panel 10. Thought I would try a small Dutch girl again

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