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English vs American paper sizes

With all of the questions concerning this issue, it seemed appropriate.

Will some Brit please tell me what are the dimensions of the paper sizes A-1, A-2, A-3, etc. We don't use those terms over here in the former colonies. We just say 8 x 10 or 5 x 7, etc. Typing paper here is 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

Louise Hume in Virginia

width height paper size
13 mm 19 mm A12
19 mm 26 mm A11
26 mm 37 mm A10
37 mm 53 mm A9
53 mm 74 mm A8
74 mm 105 mm A7
105 mm 148 mm A6
148 mm 210 mm A5
210 mm 297 mm A4
297 mm 420 mm A3
420 mm 594 mm A2
594 mm 840 mm A1
840 mm 1,188 mm A0

The relationship of height to width is Root 2(1.414)
     The advantage of this system of paper sizes that you only need to keep a stock of the largest size that you use. By cutting the largest dimension in half you produce the next size down without any waste and only one cut is required. Not so daft after all ;-)

Gary Peach
Just to add to what Gary has so marvellously supplied, your standard typing size is slightly shorter lengthways than A4. The width is the same. You will notice in your page setup options in Windows that yours is called "Letter", and when our Windows software is installed here it automatically has its page size set to "Letter" - which is a pain occasionally when dills forget to change the default settings, it can muck up the printing if you don't have a superduper printer, because all our paper is A4 ! We have American consultants come over here to work every now and again and they always give me stuff to do on Letter paper. It looks really weird and short when you are used to A4 !

For the benefit of those that only have sticks marked in Inches here it is again.

If you are making booklets:
an A5 booklet may be made by printing an A4 sheet sideways (Landscape) and then folding. An A4 may be made by printing an A3 and folding in half.

Lace group Newsletters are nicely done as A4 using A3
Any large pricking or lace picture can be put onto the centre fold.

I have printed cut-out patterns for a box on A3 and over the top print the text for that issue. It can be done quite easily With MS Publisher in Landscape mode. The finished effect is quite professional.

ENGLISH Paper Sizes © WiseWare (that's me folks)
The height of the next smaller size is the same as the width of the immediately larger size The aspect ratio is Root 2,  i.e. the height is 1.414 times the width.
Only the largest size that you use needs to be stocked. All other sizes may be got without waste by cutting in half the height.

Paper Size Width Height Width inch Height Inch
A0 840 mm 1,188 mm 33 1/14 46 10/13
A1 594 mm 840 mm 23 5/13 33 1/14
A2 420 mm 594 mm 16 53/99 23 5/13
A3 297 mm 420 mm 11 9/13 16 53/99
A4 210 mm 297 mm 8 19/71 11 9/13
A5 148 mm 210 mm 5 11/13 8 19/71
A6 105 mm 148 mm 4 2/15 5 11/13
A7 74 mm 105 mm 2 12/13 4 2/15
A8 53 mm 74 mm 2 1/15 2 12/13
A9 37 mm 53 mm 1 6/13 2 1/15
A10 26 mm 37 mm 1 1/30 1 6/13
A11 19 mm 26 mm 19/26 1 1/30
A12 13 mm 19 mm 31/60 19/26

And so on adding thin item
And so on ad in-fin-itum

Somerville, Victoria, Australia
OK, you can go on halving a piece of paper,
but how many times can you fold it in half?

Thanks all, and especially Gary, Rosemary and Jane for sending the paper sizes.

The reason I needed to know that now, is that I am taking Andrew Johnson's class in design at the IOLI Convention and his list of supplies specified an A-3 sketch pad. So I'll have to get a larger one. Mine are all several sizes smaller ! I do miniature sketches, too !

Louise in Virginia
Regarding paper sizes here in the US, what most folks don't know is that our paper is refered to A,B,C and D size in the Engineering/Drafting world.
An 8.5 X 11 sheet is A
11 X 17 is B
17 X 22 is C
22 X 34 is D
I think it goes larger, but mostly in length. We use J size drawings at work which are about 50-60 inches long.

Debi, who helps design airplanes for a living. Working on the 747 Freighter right now.
Interestingly these papers also cut without waste, but the aspect ratio alternates between each size.

Aspect Ratio A 8.5in 11.0in 1.294
  B 11.0in 17.0in 1.545
  C 17.0in 22.0in 1.294
  D 22.0in 34.0in 1.545

I presume that the table continues ?

Aspect Ratio E 34.0in 44in 1.294
  F 44.0in 68in 1.545
  G 68.0in 88in 1.294
  H 88.0in 136in 1.545
  I 136.0in 176in 1.294
  J 176.0in 272in 1.545
  K 272.0in 352in 1.294
  L 352.0in 544in 1.545

The advantage of the English A sizes is that the aspect Ratio remains constant at Root 2. This permits a layout to be scaled without re-arrangement. A considerable cost savings.

Get your suggestion in now Debi, the bonus will pay for your trip to Arachne98.

OK, here's what my Word97 Page Setup defines as UK paper sizes (we used to use 10"x8", foolscap etc until we were "standardised" - yuk)
A4 is 29.7 cm by 21 cm (i.e. 11.7" x 8.3")
A5 is 21 cm by 14.8 cm (i.e. 8.3" x 5.85")
and you can work out all the other A's from there.

The principle goes like this:
If you take an A1 sheet and cut it in half, across, you get two A2's.
If you take an A2 sheet and cut it in half, across, you get two A3's.
If you take an A3 sheet and cut it in half, across, you get two A4's.
If you take an A4 sheet and cut it in half, across, you get two A5's.
and so on.

All the sizes have the same height-to-width ratio, i.e. they are all the same shape, so you can theoretically magnify an A5 up to an A4 and circles will still be circles (not ellipses).

Margery in Hertfordshire, UK

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