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Traditional Block Pillow



Here is an opportunity to own a traditional European movable block pillow. Overall dimensions are 23" X 23". The octagonal shape allows all of the advantages of a round pillow while maintaining maximum flexibility in block movement. The blocks are secured by using eight sliding wedges on two sides forcing the blocks together as tightly as possible.

While this unusual pillow is based on a traditional pattern it is crafted with a 3/8" Baltic Birch base and hardwood sides. All edges are rounded over and the sides are both glued in place with inset screws through the base insuring that they will never separate. Three layers of finish are applied with hand sanding in between each layer. Then the entire frame is waxed for a smooth finish.

Individual blocks measure 7" (18cm) square with two half blocks and four corner blocks. Each block is made from high density Ethafoam© and covered with 100% cotton material. All seams are located on the sides of the blocks and covered with a cloth tape.

Octagonal 10 Block Pillow - $250.00 each.
Replacement Full Blocks (18 cm x 18 cm) - $20.00
Replacement corner block - $14.00
Replacement 1/2 Blocks (9 cm x 18 cm) - $12.00

[octag05.jpg] [octag06.jpg] [octag02.jpg]






[octag01.jpg] [octag03.jpg] [octag04.jpg]





Ethafoam© is a registered tradmark of Sealed Air Corp.

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