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Lace Makers FAQ Main Page

This area deals with questions posed by lacemakers concerning a variety of laces. It is certainly not complete so add to it if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Lace Organizatons. Parchment prickings.
How to make a block pillow Where do I find ethafoam?
Bobbins rolling on the pillow How long should bobbins be?
Questions on spangling Can I spangle bobbins with fishing line?
Questions on bobbin shapes What about glass bobbins?
Can I mix bobbin styles? Questions on bobbin styles
How old is this bobbin? How do I store my bobbins?
What is a "Lazy Susan?" Lucet, Lucet, who has the Lucet.
Notes on Hairpin Lace. Winding Bobbin Techniques with a string.
How to make Hedebo Lace. Notes on Bobbin Winders.
List of items to take along.  

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