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Questions on using Fimo © clay for bobbins.

Just had an idea: bobbins out of Fimo clay....
Marcie Greer

They will melt if left in the car!
Cristina Banyard

I'm not a bobbin lacer but I have used fimo before and I don't see how they could melt in a car when they become hard by being baked in an oven.

Please explain!

Been there, done that. In fact My best bud and I will be selling them on the net in about a week!
Lori Howe
Augusta, Maine, USA

I've worked with polymer clay (Sculpey) - does the Fimo get flexible once it's as thin as a bobbin? - I know Sculpey is a bit "bendy".
BTW, it can be turned on a lathe, but I don't know about turning it as thin around as a bobbin (that flexibility problem, you know). (Very) brief instructions are on the book "Creating With Polymer Clay" by S.Ford/L.Dierks. If I get around to turning it as a bobbin, I'll let you all know.
Susan Peters

I read here on the net a year or so ago that a gal had made a whole pillow full of fimo bobbins and left her pillow on the back seat of the car...a hot summer day...she said it all melted all over the place. Ruined the pillow, project, etc. I have never personally used it.
Cristina Banyard

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