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Genesee Country Lace Guild



The Genesee Country Lace Guild is currently celebrating its 20th birthday . It is the hope that you will enjoy the group and wish to join. The Guild was formed so that people who have an interest in lace can meet and share this interest. The expertise of its members lies in different areas. There are lacemakers, lacemaking teachers, collectors, and those who simply love lace. For all, the organization provides sharing and learning experience - opportunities to learn more about the history, identification and preservation of lace and the techniques involved in making it. The Guild issues six newsletters per year and meets at Christ Episcopal church, 36 S. Main Street, Pittsford, NY from 9:30 to 2:00 pm on the third Monday of the month. For more information call Leslie Adams, Victor NY at (716) 924-7058. Annual membership dues (January-December) are $10.00. First time members joining after July 1 may pay a reduced fee of $5.00. You will receive back issues of newsletters for the period of your membership.  

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