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Honiton style Pillow



It's the new kid on the block! The Honiton Pillow fills that space of needing a small pillow to work all of those itty-bitty patterns that Honiton lovers like to make. Up to now you had to go to great expense and send to England to get a heavy straw filled pillow. Or use a light weight pillow that constantly moved around on you while you worked.

This one has the self healing Ethafoam© on each side (top and bottom) but also has a wooden center that gives you the weight that is needed to keep it in place. The pillow measures 13" in diameter and 6-1/2" high. Both sides are covered in a dark blue 100% cotton with a batting placed between the cover and the foam.

Price is $99.95.





[honitonpillow02.jpg] Do you need a stand to hold the pillow when using it? We also have a ring stand to keep the pillow from wobbling when you are working or just want to set it down someplace. The stand is 13" is diameter and 1-1/2" thick at the outside edge. There are three small feet on the bottom.






Price is $39.95.

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