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Bobbins from horn?

It seems that a few do exist.

Hi Brian

Most of us lacemakers are ready to talk to anyone interested in the lacemaking world so I don't have a problem with having you on the web. I also potter with bobbin making too. Have you tried horn or bone yet. I am planning to have a go with bone at some stage - even have the instructions for preparing the bone.

Also, someone suggested to me that horn would make nice bobbins, has anyone seen bobbins made from this material?

BFN from Virginia

[ C&V Garner wrote:
Also, someone suggested to me that horn would make nice bobbins, has anyone seen bobbins made from this material?]

The last demonstrating I did was at the Frances Land House, a historic home in Virginia Beach, during out local "Gathering of the Guilds". While wandering around during a break, I came upon a man that works in horn for Colonial Williamsburg. He had a lovely display of powder horns, buckles and the like. He had never made bobbins before but was willing to try if I sent him dimension, pictures, etc. So, I will let you know how the experiment turns out!

Anyone else ever seen horn bobbins?

Cindy Hutton
Norfolk, VA

I have some horn bobbins. I got them about 15 years ago, I don't remember where. One of them is slightly warped. The colour is beautiful, and they are wonderfully smooth. They are much smoother than any of the bone bobbins. They seem lighter than ivory. I believe that they are made from water buffalo horn.

Ruth Anderson

I have a horn bobbin that I bought from "McLeans of Braemar " when we went the the Royal Scottist Games in Braemar in '92. It is shaped like a honiton bobbin except is bigger, and is grey marblized. I was led to believe that it was made from cattle horn. I use it for gimp on my "wee" travel pillow.

This was a shop that had all things made of horn, including a crochet hook set in a horn handle that I wish I had bought, also.

Louise Hume

My friend Sherrill made some bobbins from Dall sheep horn ( her family ate the sheep). I'll ask her again about it when I next see her, but I remember her telling me that the curve of the horn was a problem, and it was soft too. When she was done, she had a curved bobbin. It fits nicely on a pillow with a curved surface.

Sally Schoenberg

I have a horn bobbin which is lovely to work with. It is a traditional midlands one. UNFORTUNATELY I can't remember who sold it to me - I'm sure it was at a lace fair or day. Certainly I have never found a stags horn bobbin in any of the shops selling horn products in Ballater or Braemar - and that includes McLeans of Braemar. I'll have to try again.

Patricia in Wales

 [ Also, someone suggested to me that horn would make nice bobbins, has anyone seen bobbins made from this material?]

There is someone in Western Aust. that makes bobbins from whale bone that he finds on the beach.

So next time the Todd floods, keep your eyes open (VBG)

Jacque Bowhey - In the Top End of Australia

I also purchased a horn Midlands bobbin from one of the lace fairs/craft shows, and if memory serves me correctly it was from Lindsay Rogers. Her address is Garry Crafts, Inverness-shire, Scotland, PH35 4HG.

Deborah Robinson

I have made some horn inserts in the shaft, but have not yet made full horn bobbins. I cant find solid horn big enough. I have made horn tatting shuttles out of elongated horn beads.

Bone. I use it all the time. At the moment I am using it for lightweight hand spindles for the non-wheel spinners.

I am looking for a good bone blank supplier as I am having difficulty getting large enough bone to make my own. I am still pursuing this though.

Brian Lemin

I also have some horn bobbins - cattle, I think, bought about ten years ago from 'The Bobbinmaker' in South Africa. They sold all sorts of wonderful bobbins but I don't know whether they are still in business as I think they have moved address. The bobbins themselves are very smooth and hold tension well. Although they have very narrow necks, they don't seem to wear and have a very nice feel to them. I'd be interested in buying some more if you do go in for making them.

Jane Daly
Victoria, Australia

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