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It's our kitty cat.

Actually there is also a wife somewhere, but, alas, no photo.


The first was actually named "Blue Eyes" and it is definatly stating the obvious. She was the traveler moving with us to the Netherlands
and England. Unfortunatly we lost her just before Christmas of 2001.




  [jade] [BlueEyes] [jade]

But we did get a replacement! This one had Green eyes but Deborah decided to name her Jade instead of Green Eyes. I called her "Light Bulb"
because I had not decided if it was a dim or bright light yet. On the other hand with the two names we could call her LBJ. But again, we lost her to breat cancer in July, 2011.

[Mike] [Molly]

So another trip to Lollypop Farms and new replacements to fill the void. We found 10 month old litter mates that attached themselves to us.
They are Mike and Molly, named for two friends of ours. Mike is a domestic short hair and does not do photographs well.
Molly is a domestic long hair and mugs for the camera whenever possible.

Now aren't you glad that you took a peek at these photo's too? : - )

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