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Assorted Names of Lace

Lace names in other Countries

One of the things that the list does so well is the input of vast amounts of information to answer any question the members have. Unfortunatly I do not recall who poised the original question of what the word for lace was in other languages. I do have to thank David Collyer (David Downunder) for compiling it all as it came in and then posting the result to the list. And my thanks to all who responded over time and helped enhance and expand the list.

Here is the list as we have it. I will try to add anything new as it come up.
You can also view this list plus other interesting lace items at

Country Name
Azerbaijani Filet Lace Lent
Bosnian Lace Cipka
Bulgarian Lace Dantela
Cantonese Lace Farbin
Czech Bobbin Lace palickovaná krajka
Czech Crochet Lace háckovaná krajka
Czech Needle Lace šitá krajka
Danish Bobbin Lace Knipling
Danish Tatting Orkis
Dutch Bobbins Klossen
Dutch Lace Kant
Dutch Lace Market Kantmarkt
English Lace Lace
English - Tambour lace Embroidered Tull Lace
English - Shetland lace Finest Knitting
Esperanto Lace Pasamento
Estonian Lace Pitts
Finnish Lace Pitsi
French Narrow Lace Lacet
French Tatting Frivolitee
French Wide Lace Dentelle
German Bobbins klöppel
German Bobbin Chest klöppelkiste
German Bobbin Lace Klöppelspitze
German Bobbin Tape Lace Geklöppelte Bändchenspitze
German Crochetted Bruges Lace Gehäkelte Bruges-Spitze
German Crochetted Tape Lace Gehäkelte Bändchenspitze
German Cut Embroidery Lace Lochstickerei-Spitze
German Embroidery Sticken
German Finest Knitted Lace Kunststricken
German Hemstitch Hohlsaum
German Knitting Stricken
German Knotted Lace Macramé Geknüpfte Spitze - Makramé
German Lace Spitze
German Needle Point Lace Margaretenspitze
German Sewing Nähen
German Tambour Work Tüllstickerei
German Tambour Lace Bestickte Tüllspitze
German Tape Lace Bändchenspitze
German Tatting Schiffchenspitze
German Tatting Occhi
Greek Bobbin Lace kopanelli
Greek Cover Cloth petsetaki
Greek Leaves fylla
Greek Pillow kousoni
Greek Pins karficha
Greek Sewing enossos
Greek Thread klosti
Greenland Lacemaking Putoortuliorneq
Greenland Bobbin Lace Putoortuliaq
Greenland Lace Pillow Putoortuliorfik
Hebrew Lace Tahara
Hungarian Lace Csipke
Irish Carrickmacross Lasa Carraigmhachaire Rois
Irish Crochet Obair chroise na hEireann
Irish Lace Making Lasadoireacht
Irish Needlepoint Lasa snathaide
Irish Tambour Lasa onsa
Irish Tambour Work Limerick
Irish Tatting Snaidhmeadoireacht lasa
Italian Bobbin Fusello
Italian Bobbin Lace Pizzo a Fuselli
Italian Crochet Pizzo all'uncinetto
Italian Cutted Bobbin Lace Pizzo Cantù
Italian Cutted Embroidery Lace Merletto ad intaglio
Italian Embroidery Ricamo
Italian Finest Knitting Maglia artistica
Italian Hemstitch Punto a giorno
Italian Hemstitch work Sfilato (siciliano)
Italian Knitting Lavori ai ferri
Italian Knotted Lace - Macramé Macramé
Italian Molise Lace Pizzo Molisano
Italian needle ago
Italian Needle Lace Trina ad ago
Italian Needle Point Lace Merletto Veneziano
Italian Needle Point Lace Ars Aemilia
Italian Needle Point Lace Puncetto della Valsesia
Italian Net Embroidery Lace Modano
Italian Pillow tombolo
Italian Pillow Lace Pizzo a Tombolo
Italian Pin spillo
Italian Sewing Cucito
Italian Tape Lace Pizzo Rinascimento
Italian Tatting Chiacchierino
Italian thread filato
Japanese Lace Edge Lace Edge
Korean Lace Lace
Latvian Lace Knipelesana
Malta Bobbin Lace Bizzilla tac-combini
Malta Lace bizzilla
Mandarin Lace Quarpien
Norway Lace Kniplinger
Persian Lace Toor
Polish Lace Koronka
Portuguese Lace Renda
Russian Bobbins koklyushka" [ko'klju...]
Russian Lace koklyushechnoe kruzhevo
Russian Lace kruzhevo na koklyushkah
Russian Tape Lace Kruzhevo
Slovak Lace Cipka
Spanish Bobbins Bolillos
Spanish Bobbin Lace Encaje de Bolillos
Spanish Lace Encaje
Spanish Pillows Bolillero, Almohadilla
Spanish Pins Alfileres
Spanish Threads Hilos
Swedish Bobbin Lace Knyppling
Swedish Lace Spets
Swiss Tatting Schifflispitze
Thai Lace Lugmai
Turkey Lace Dantel
Urgal Lace Gulerk
Uzbec Lace Gulerk
Vietnamese (North) Lace Vien
Vietnamese (South) Narrow Lace Ren
Vietnamese (South) Wide Lace Dung Ten

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