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How to make a "Lazy Susan"

What is a "Lazy Susan"? and what do you do with it?

Around here a "Lazy Susan" is a group of plates (or wooden disks) separated at different levels by a central rod. They rotate on a set of ball bearings so that all sides of the plates can be reached from one position.

Jim Stavast
All you need is:

Beading needle size 10/13 or to your choice.
Piece of dowel for a handle
A very small bit to drill the hole for the pointed end of the needle to go into the handle. Or you can heat another needle until red hot and burn in a hole.
Some two part epoxy adhesive.


It is self evident from the above. I have to say that two part epoxy has to be the most satisfactory but for a fine tool such as this the 5 minute variety will probably do just as well.

You can decorate the handle if you want in any way you like.

If you want a guard then find some suitable diameter polythene tubing. Most hardware stores have a sel;ection of it. If the tubing tends to curl and bend the needle then thread the tubing on a straight stick or some thing not too tight or too loose) and immerse it in very hot water for a few minutes then take it out to cool naturally. Remove support and it should be straight. Don't hurry the process.

Brian Lemin

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