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Lier Lace frames


  This is a wooden frame on which the tulle is streached to make Kant-E-Lier (Lier Lace). This beautiful tamboured lace is created from simple chain stitches on tulle. When assembled, the light weight frame measures 23-1/2" square (60cm). The frames are available in Poplar wood. This is a softer wood then the usual woods I work in but have found that it works easier to attach the tulle to the frame.
Price is $ 39.95 each.

After the success of last years IOLI class in Lier Lace. Greet Rome-Verbeylen will again teach the lace technigque. I made arrangements with her to supply the frames this year so she would not have to fit them in her luggage. For that reason I am making them available to the students for $29.95. The frames can be ordered individually or as a drop shipment to the class locale (saving on shipping charges). At IOLI the frames will be available for pickup in my stall on Sunday prior to the show (no shipping charges at all!)

For those who already own the frames from last year, I will have additional frames available if you want to 'trade up' from the pine units. Bring your frame to IOLI if you are attending and I will give you a $10.00 'trade in' on the price. If not attending, contact me and I will ship one out to you.

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