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Order form

Now that I have convinced you to part with some of your hard earned money, the next step is to get the payment from you to me.

Ordering can be as simple as sending me an e-mail at Kenn@bobbinmaker.com listing the items that you want and including your street address so that I can post the packet. An invoice will be included with the packet that can be paid when it arrives.

To make payment as simple and painless as possible you can choose from the following list -
Personal check in U.S. Dollars (U.S. only)
Money Orders in U.S. Dollars
(Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card)
Paypal can also be used for credit cards if preferred.
Alternatively you can print out the order form, fill it out and send it via regular post to me at Bobbins by Van-Dieren, 2304 Clifford Avenue, Rochester, NY 14609-3825 USA

Quantity Description Colour
or size
Merchandise Total
$2.50 total except furniture & pillows

Shipping & Handling
Euro or Pound Conversion
Conversion Exchange rate
Please make cheques/money orders payable to
Kenn van Dieren or Bobbins by Van-Dieren
Converted or US$ Total

Payment Method
Check in US  Dollars Money Order in US  Dollars
Credit Card using www.paypal.com Regular Credit Card

Please provide the following ordering information:

Credit card
Cardholder name
Card number
Expiry date
CVV Number

Please provide the following contact information:

Zip/Postal code
Stad Nummer/City Code

You can ask questions or leave comments here:

Use the PRINT feature on the top menu of your browser to print this form out and post to
Bobbins by Van Dieren
2304 Clifford Avenue
Rochester, NY 14609-3825
United States of America

You may wish to get a printout at this time for your records or to send with your payment cheque.

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