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Ordering and payment options

Now that I have convinced you to part with some of your hard earned money, the next step is to get from you to me.

Ordering can be as simple as sending me an e-mail at Kenn@Bobbinmaker.com listing the items that you want and including your street address so that I can post the packet. An invoice will be included with the packet that can be paid when it arrives.

Alternatively you can click on the order form, print it, fill it out and send it via regular post to me at Bobbins by Van-Dieren, 2304 Clifford Avenue, Rochester, NY 14609-3825 USA

To make payment as simple and painless as possible you can choose from the following list -

Personal check in U.S. Dollars (U.S. only)

Money Orders in U.S. Dollars

Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card) are now accepted. You can list your account number and signiture on the supplied invoice and return via the post. An alterative method is to include the account number via E-mail to Kenn@Bobbinmaker.com . It is advised that you send two separate emails - one with the first eight digits and a second with the last eight digits and expiry date to eliminate the possibility of someone obtaining your entire number.

You can also pay by credit card through a secure server using www.paypal.com at no cost to you.
    This credit card payment system is well accepted and used by registered members. If you have not used this method before, it requires registering your e-mail address and credit card number prior to using it.

Click here for information on our warranty policy.

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