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Pillow Storage Stand

[Rest Area] Yes!, they are back. I am finally back in my shop and can manufacture this item again.   Although it seems to an ongoing process at this point. (grin)

The Rest Area I© pillow storage stand is a convenient method of storing your pillows, and keeping projects handy to work on.  The basic unit comes with seven (7) holders (arms) to accommodate the pillows, with space for an additional pillow resting on the base rails.

And yes, we do finally understand.  Sometimes it isn't the idea but the execution of that idea that makes it work.  So, after looking at what we thought up and comparing it to what we were building, we realized that they were not the same.  Now we can say

New! - Improved! - More Wonderful!

and all that. But who's kidding who.  That is true only because we did it wrong to begin with.  And the changes have improved the product.

The Rest Area I © pillow organizer is now easier to assemble and far more stable.   By controlling manufacturing and organizing inventory, we can now build a unit from a single board.  This allows the wood grain and color to match throughout the unit.

The base unit now incorporates an additional brace for support.   This surronds the joint made by the horizontal rails and the vertical stiles much stronger.  As it receives all of the stress from the weight of the pillows it has a tendency to lean forward.   To much leaning and the pillows slide off.   So, while the brace negates a lot of that tendency I also made it to hold the vertical stiles back off center by seven degrees (7o).  

I widened the joining ends of the arms (see picture below) creating a more stable area to tranfer the weight of individual pillows.  Now I cut them slightly off-square so that front edge sits at a higher angle and the weight allows them to settle in at the right angle.

All of this technical verbage about angles just means that when assembled it will lean toward the back.

The standard base unit is 72" high (ships as two 36" stiles). Holes are drilled the entire length at 3" on center so that you can put the arms at whatever height you want.  This allows for adjusting the holders for the honiton and roller pillows in your collection as well as the flat cookie pillows and block pillows.

Pillow storage units are available in American Walnut, Cherry, Maple or Oak.

  • Base Unit (7 holder) - $225.00
    There will be a $ 20.00 UPS charge for shipping on this item instead of the normal $ 2.50 S & H because of the size and weight.


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