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Rest Area III ©
Pillow Storage Stand

[Rest Area III]
And now the newest addition! Since my shop is finally back in order and I can now manufacture this item again, I have decided to add a new design to the stand. The Rest Area © pillow storage stand is identical to the original as a method of storing your pillows, but just plain looks a whole lot nicer. My goal was to create a furniture quality unit . This design is along the lines of a transitition from the Eastlake period and the Art Deco period. Definately a piece to place in your living room or with some of your antique furniture.

The unit is still built from a single board, allowing the wood grain and color to match throughout the unit. Each piece of the unit has a 1/8" accent of contrasting wood inlaid into the center of the piece, giving it a striking appearance. The joining ends of the arms are wider then the original unit, tranfering the stess of the pillow weight. But the best part is that it also has 2" openings drilled into the arms and inside spreader bars and small turnings in the contrasting wood have been placed inside the openings. There are also additional turnings on the ends of the arms.

The Rest Area III © Pillow storage units are only available as 7 holder units. Price for the unit is $525.00 plus a $25.00 UPS charge if shipped within the continental United States.





 Below are examples of the arm details.





[Rest Area III]

[Rest Area III]





















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