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Roller Pillows

There will be a $ 20.00 charge for shipping on this item instead of the normal $ 2.50 S & H because of the size and weight.


It seems that once again my mind has veered off on a tangent.  What started as a project for doing block pillows has evolved into rollers as well.  While most pillows are filled with straw/seaweed/sawdust fillers I really don't want to get involved with that. (Why is it all pillow stuffing's start with "S"? Is that required? )  But there is an area out there that could be filled with lighter weight pillows done with nice hardwood frames and rollers.  So, lets take a look at what I have.

[ click to enlarge ] This is a flat based pillow in a 18" x 24" x 2" oval shape.  The cover material is on top of a layer of Styrofoam© plus layers of cotton batting to build up the thickness and still leave a soft feel to it.  The 3-1/2" x 8" roller is turned from Pine wood with a hardwood rachet attached to one side and uses a brass lever to hold the roller in place.  The material inside the roller is Ethafoam© (the self healing foam).  The cavity holding the roller is of Pine wood mounted to a plywood base.   Cover materials will change depending on availability.   Material can be velvet or velour, colors generally in green, blue or burgandy.    Price is $115.00.





[ click to enlarge ]


I felt there needed to be a pillow that addressed the popularity of the newer wide scarf patterns that have been coming out recently.  This led to a wide roller to work with and is 13" wide of usable space.  The overall length is 14".   The base is made from a 3/8" thick 7 layer Baltic Birch plywood but the back and roller sides are turned from American Pine wood.   The roller is filled with Ethafoam© rod 4" in diameter. (Shown prior to covering in cloth matching the rest of the pillow).

A different rachet system was also needed to assure tension can be applied across the width.   So the roller is held in place with moveable brass plates and rotation is limited with pegs on each end.

  Pillow measures 23-1/2" wide by 10-1/2" deep.   Price is $ 104.95.

[ click to enlarge ] [ click to enlarge ] [ click to enlarge ] [ click to enlarge ]






[ click to enlarge ]


This is a new small version of the clean simple line concept.   The base uses the same seven layer Baltic Birch plywood used in 9 block pillow bases.   The back roller area and the roller are made from Pine.    The roller assembly measures 8" across and 4" in diameter. Working area of the roller is 6-1/4".  The roller is filled with Ethafoam© plus wool.  This pillow is a nice compact size measuring 16-1/2" wide by 15" deep.

  I have a gold/yellow velvet, a dark green velvet, and a grey velvet pillow.  I also have some interesting brocades in materials you do not commonly see.  And my wife just uncovered a stash of velvet and velour that she had hidden away.  So now I have a selection of 4 different reds and/or burgandys, 2 black colours, and 3 greens.  Should be enough for 30 - 35 covers right now (grin).

                                                                             Price is $ 104.95.

[ Blue Velvet - click to enlarge ] [ Blue Diamond brocde - click to enlarge ] [ click to enlarge ] [ Green Velvet - click to enlarge ]




[ Black Velvet - click to enlarge ] [ Red Floral Brocade - click to enlarge ] [ Red Velvet - click to enlarge ] [ Dark Green Velvet - click to enlarge ]



[ Gold Velor - click to enlarge ] [ Floral Rose Brocade - click to enlarge ]








[ click to enlarge ]


This is a prototype that I started to play with.  The concept is to develop a clean simple line in the pillow into the design.   The base and back are made from plywood but the roller is turned from Cherry wood and is filled with Ethafoam© plus wool.  And since I was in hurry this particular pillow does have a Styrofoam© filler.  It should not cause you problems as you should be pinning into the roller and not the base unit.  Measures 22-1/2" wide by 16" deep.   Price is $ 104.00.




[click to enlarge]


Well, I thought that this was perhaps a bit fancier then I planned as a starting piece to build.   But I received three inquiries in the first two day I displayed this.  So I have addressed how to construct it.  The finished piece looks a bit different because of the Cherry wood that was used.  Also, the pierced decoration on the sides has been changed to a hand carved motif.  But the remainder has stayed the same.   Measures 15" square and 12" high including roller.  Roller is 5" diameter and held in place with two wooden pegs. Another peg on the side keeps the roller from turning.  Material covering will differ from piece to piece depending on what I find.

Price is $275.00.


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