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How so I start making bobbins?

Below is one suggestion. Other bobbinmakers may have more.

Hi Jim,
[My name is Jim Talley from Athens Ga. I am a woodturner and would like to know more about making bobbins. Please put me on your list for info on making bobbins and other turnings.]

      While I do not have a formal list of mailings, there are a few of us that will dispense information to questions.

 :    To start, bobbin turning is very different from large turning on a full size lathe. Working with the smaller tools allows techniques that you would never try on a large unit. And while you can turn bobbins on a large lathe, I did find that the miniture lathe made a difference.

       I would suggest that your first source is to locate a copy of David Springett's "Turning Lace Bobbins". ISBN 0-9517157 4 7 The book is self published by David but has very good examples of different syles and methods. If you can not locate it in a library and want to purchase one, you can contact Holly Van Sciver at vsblace@twcny.rr.com. If I remember correctly the book was $29.95 + $5.00 shipping.

       While David is a noted turner in Britian, his approuch is somewhat different from mine, but then no two turners are the same, as you know. I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Some else that you may wish to chat with would be Brian Lemin in Australia. While he does turn bobbins, he is more into the styles of bobbins and researching the backgrounds of them. Also, take a look at some the web sites that I have linked to on my web site under bobbin makers. You will begin to see a variance in styles and shapes.
Enjoy, Kenn

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