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Everything that you ever wanted to know about what we consider to a warranty.

Our Bobbin Lifetime Warranty

All of the bobbins made by me carry a lifetime limited warranty. If any bobbin should break or receive damage for any reason, even if they may be stolen or lost, a new bobbin will be made to replace it at no charge to you. Simply return the bobbin (if available). No questions asked. A minimum of 100 blanks of each species has been set aside for this purpose to assure as close a match to the original as possible. We will return the new bobbin to you postage prepaid and a refund for any postage charge that you incurred. It really is just that simple. No arguments.

The Rest Area © pillow storage stand

The Rest Area © pillow storage stand carries a two (2) year warranty against any defects or flaws in material or manufacturing processes. Any portion of the product that fails to perform properly will be replaced at no charge. The company retains the right to replace any portion or elect to replace the entire unit.

All other items and tools carry a one year replacement warranty. This includes any manufactured defects on any of the stands or tools created by, including all of the copyrighted items manufactured and owned by Bobbins by Van-Dieren. This list includes, but is not limited to, Antique +© matching bobbins, 9-Block© pillows and frames, Rest Easy© folding pillow stands, Lolli-pops © thread holders, Bed's Sticks © for invisible starts, the Pillow Circle © , the Stubby Pricker © pattern pricker, the BVD Lucet ©, the Bobbin Stitch Holder © elasticized wooden holders and the booklet Bobbinmaking the Van-Dieren Way ©. Also included are all traditional styled tools including but not limited to divider pins, pin pushers, pin lifers, needlecases, needlepins, lace roll-up bars and stilettos's.

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